Printing -


Along with all of our other talents, Rock Connection is a Print Broker. After the creative design is set we do all the pre-press work necessary to create the perfect printed project. Whether your project needs litho print, digital print, large format print or on-demand print, we are able to source the best possible option for you.

Printing companies have salespeople who call on perspective clients to sell their services. We do the same as a broker but, instead of representing one company's facilities, we represent a number of print companies that in many cases specialize in various types of print. The print companies that we represent are trade companies, meaning that these printers do not have salespeople of their own, so they can offer prices at a reduced rate.

Because we deal in all print and print production we are more knowledgeable and can deliver print solutions through an army of pre-press, print houses, finishers and distribution companies. We are not restricted to selling only one company's abilities. This ensures that your print production needs are met within budget, on time and expertly.

You wouldn't purchase a new high-end electronic product after going to just one store, would you? Or purchase car insurance without shopping for rates? We are accountable to you, not the companies that we represent and this ensures that you get the very best product possible.

We can save you money and time, but more importantly, we have the print world at our fingertips and know which company can provide you with thte best print product possible.